Program Management & Strategic Planning

External link opens in new tab or windowEmployees having meeting in office Maxim Solutions, LLC provides program management and strategic planning to keep your project on track and on budget.

Program & Project Management

Successful execution of a program or project requires a combination of quality processes, toolsets, and experience. Maxim Solutions has a proven record of successfully leading our customers to the “finish line” having accomplished or exceeded their programmatic goals on time and within budget.

Program & Project Management (PM) Assessments

Our Program & Project Management (PM) Assessment methodology determines the maturity of an organization’s Program and Project Management processes and uses thereof. Further, we make recommendations where improvements are needed and provide an implementation strategy.

Planning and Scheduling

The key to any project start is a good plan that defines all the tasks that are required to complete the project, the order in which they must be accomplished, their time duration, the resources required for each task, and the cost of these resources. Our Planning and Scheduling processes will assist in this important step.

Requirements Management

Many projects start with ill-defined requirements. Ill-defined requirements are a major reason for cost and schedule overruns, and sometimes leads to project failure. Our requirements definition process and accompanying requirements matrix tracking methodology reduces project risk and adds greater probability of project success.

Requirements Change Control

The second most common reason for project failure is a lack of requirements change control. A project of any duration will encounter requirements change. Our process will enable users to define a given change and determine alternative implementation solutions and the impact of each alternative solution to the project’s cost and schedule. If the change to the project is approved, our process will make the necessary changes to all impacted components of the project.

Enterprise Program Management Office (EPMO)

For organizations with multiple projects, it is important that all the projects follow the same Project Management (PM) processes and reporting procedures. This methodology allows management the ability to ensure all project interfaces are identified and reports from the projects are consistent.

Configuration Management (CM)

Configuration Management (CM) records and tracks all configuration items throughout the project lifecycle. All initial versions of configuration items are identified; changes to these items are noted, recorded and reported. Our methodology ensures a documented process for the establishment and control of each configuration item. Our process establishes a Configuration Control Board (CCB) and the rules of engagement for the CCB.

Other Project Management Expertise

  • Risk Management

  • Acquisition Management

  • Cost Management

  • Resource Management

  • Portfolio Management

  • Business Case Analysis

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