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Businessmen discussing ideasTrust in Maxim Solutions, LLC to keep your systems and data protected from security threats. We offer a range of services that will enable your organization to appreciate the most efficient, cost-effective IT solutions available. We possess the knowledge and experience that is necessary to build an IT enterprise from the ground up—from build-out, to systems and application integration, to operations and maintenance.

Enterprise Services

Operations & Maintenance
Today’s information technology enterprises are a collection of sophisticated equipment, software, interconnections, and servers that require frequent attention from skilled support staff. We can create a custom operations and maintenance services solution for your organization that will allow you to focus on your business, rather than supporting your IT systems. Our expertise includes traditional operations, administration, and maintenance activities, including user account administration, backups, scripting, managing growth, help desk support, and storage solutions. We design, implement, operate and maintain networks 24/7 while relieving clients of the burden of keeping up with.

Systems Development & Integration
Teaming with the right partner to assist your systems integration efforts is essential. We integrate newest network technologies and capabilities with your existing systems to enhance operations and productivity and reduce costs. We assess current systems and present a range of potential solutions and upgrades for consideration before implementation. We provide Systems Reengineering through the design and application of flexible, scalable network environments.

Infrastructure Build-Out
Based on your infrastructure design plans, we provide all network cabling and termination (cable and fiber), server, rack, and cabinet installation, and physical security equipment installation. As needed, Maxim Solutions furnishes all necessary supplies and provides warranties for all cables, equipment, hardware, and tools associated with the installation.

Data & Application Migration and Consolidation
As organizations grow, the need to expand into larger facilities may become necessary. Sometimes, multiple infrastructures must be integrated into one central location, posing unique IT challenges and opportunities. Maxim Solutions not only provides migration services for data and applications without unplanned downtime, but can also provide recommendations on reductions IT inventory (e.g., servers, applications and storage). By optimizing and streamlining the use of equipment and consolidating applications, a reduction in your total cost of ownership can be realized.

Asset Management
We develop accurate inventory and repeatable tracking solutions for all infrastructure assets. When you know the value of an asset throughout its lifecycle, you maximize infrastructure investments, reduce costs, tighten internal controls, and improve productivity. By strategically investing in fixed assets and improving the quality and sharing of your asset data, companies can eliminate up to 25% of wasteful infrastructure usage.

Information Assurance & Security Management

Information assurance (IA) and security management provides the first layer of protection for an organization’s information systems. Proper IA and management procedures and policies ensure that your systems and data are protected from known and potential security threats. Maxim Solutions is also committed to playing an integral role in the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of federal government and Department of Defense (DoD) information systems and their security posture.

Assessment & Accreditation (A&A)
Maxim Solutions, LLC’s CISSP-certified IA experts follow all DITSCAP/DIACAP and NIACAP processes to develop future-state security enterprises.

IA Vulnerability Management (IAVM)

We minimize your security risks by performing security validations scans, and assist with remediation when needed.

Security Design & Configuration
A framework and foundation are provided in order to secure communications and protect your business. We also train your employees on how to identify and handle issues if they arise.

Security Monitoring & Support
Maxim Solutions, LLC can play an integral role in the integrity of your security by monitoring your data and protecting your systems from known and potential security threats.

Strategic Planning Services

Maxim Solutions will help define your organization's fundamental goals and the actions needed to achieve them, ensuring that members of your organization, at all levels, are working toward the same objective. Maxim Solutions conducts a thorough examination to identify a project's status, goals, determine the effectiveness of current processes, recognize any problems, and develop a plan of action to solve those problems.


Acquisition Support
Our acquisition support includes documentation, research, and program development for our customers' acquisition efforts. We research your technical design and acquisition requirements and work with your technical staff to edit and reconcile technical documentation, ensuring that the most accurate information is always available for use. We coordinate all activities with the respective Program Managers to ensure that the resulting plans and documents address their organizational needs.

Capital Planning
Organizations find the need to justify their IT spending due to tighter budgets and increasing oversights. We use business case models to ensure an optimal mix of investment projects is selected. We help you build a repeatable process for capturing project information and create a decision-making framework. This leads to a significant ROI, and aligns projects with the organization’s strategic goals.

Enterprise Architecture
Enterprise architecture (EA) is a comprehensive framework used to manage and align an organization's business processes, software and hardware, local and wide area networks, people, operations and projects with the organization's overall strategy. Maxim Solutions EA approach includes the synthesis and description of all of the inputs (including systems, regulations and resources) and all outputs required by the customer to develop a proposed architecture.

Infrastructure Design
Maxim Solutions works with all involved parties to identify the specific requirements, interfaces, and access. We then construct the best possible system design to meet your organizations functional and budgetary demands. We can also evaluate your existing infrastructure design and determine the enhancements required to achieve your business goals.

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